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Do you want to learn everything about buying a custom built PC ? Else, you planning to build a custom Desktop Gaming PC with in budget ?

This is your onse stop guide for Custom PC Build.

An Exclusive PC part picker tool to build custom Desktop PC online by assemble your own pc parts.Pick pc hardware and software modules for your dream PC with in budget and start building.We introduce build guides and reviews for online pc builds, Get recommendations from experts for Custom gaming PC build.


Recent Custom built Assembled PC Desktop computer Rigs

These are the custom PC rigs Build online by like minded users for increased performance and experience higher speeds for your home or home office. Start exploring their views on PC customizations or You can also build your own custom PC online.

Recommended Custom PC Builds for gaming within budget

Not sure where to get started ? We have had experts configured multiple PCs to meet your gaming and other requirements. Take a look at them below and see if it could save your time.


Beginner's guide for custom PC build by assembling PC parts

Though we have readymade PC available from Dell, HP, Lenovo,Fujitsu, Asus, Acer, etc, have you ever thought of necessity of building a custom desktop by assemble PC parts?

The primary standpoint when you assemble your own PC configuration is that you really get what you want and what you paid for and freedom to choose every PC components by yourself. Let's Start PC build now.

Enthusiasts have compiled and built computers on their own for years. In particular, it´s "the players" who are on the never ending quest for these extremely powerful piece of machinery. Assembling your computer.The computer is made of many diffrent components, in stores or online markets you can see ready-made computers, that computers are manufactured in a factory and they are under warrnity and you can't choose custom components .When buying a new computer, many are people want to purchase the finished product because it is easier and faster, but there are always people who require special custom aspirations.

Pros and cons of assembled PC

Lets Discuss advantages and disadvantages prior you start assemble pc parts.

Advantages of building a custom PC by assembling PC parts

The main advantage of buying the finished computer's is price, and you save a lot of time and nerves, the main drawback is that you can never be sure what is inside of your PC, you can't be sure are components in your computer the same ones that they show to you at store catalog, when buying a new computer, it is most important to choose a company with a good reputation, and not just buying the cheapest configuration.

Starting with the brand motherboards up to the type and size of computer case, Each component is a standard so later you can change it or replace it for much less price and more easier. You can install the components at home or you can ask the salesman to do this job for you.

Disdvantages of Assembled PC

The main disadvantage of this method of buying a computer is the total lack of guarantees. You ger warrnity for each component separately, and you need to know which components are compatible. One more disadvantage is price, its more expensive then standard PC that you can find in PC Store. Of course, if you are willing to setup your own counfiguration, you need to have previous experinece to connect parts on right way. If you have a little more free time, even if you are not an expert you can try yourself to install components into your PC case.

At the end if you done good job, you will get PC designed for your needs, and by the way you learned something new.

Planning for Custom PC build

I bet you think that you need more cash and all the knowledge of computing to build custom pc right? The truth is you only need to select your PC components with a lot of wisdom to get a high performance.

It is no secret that many customers have the idea that if you want trustworthy and reliable computer products you need to buy them from a popular manufacturer even though most of these popular manufactures are expensive. Before you decide on to build your own pc, you need to arm yourself with the new technology that people are using right now and knowing their differences.Above all you need to have passion. Having passion will always motivate you to do the best and motivation will make you thirst for more information. There are many ways of learning how to make your own PC like online tutorials.

For an easy guide on how to build it use the PC builder tool online.

Important tips/guide before you build your custom PC

  1. Do not overspend
  2. Who said you need to over spend to have the best result? Overspending is a no go zone area even if you have all the money in the world. A good monitor is enough for the job, it doesn't need to be big.

  3. You should stay away from static electricity
  4. The best place to build your PC is on a flat surface or table but away from carpet. You should touch a grounded metal to remove all the bodily charge built up you have before you touch sensitive components of the PC

  5. Time Consideration
  6. Do not waste your time and money by going overboard on the PSU Max Wattage rattling instead, use the Outervision power supply calculator because it is accurate and popular.

  7. Never neglect your PSU
  8. A good PSU is capable of protecting your components from crashing and from surges line therefore the next time you are tempted to put your PSU ask yourself this questions: how much does repairing surge line and crashed computers cost? Is neglecting PSU worth it.

Build a custom gaming PC from scratch

Have fun building your gaming PC, that's the only way for you to get the best results. What you need to do is assemble PC for gaming but remember to pay extra attention to major important areas like your memory , your CPU and video card.

Requirements for building a gaming PC

1. Nut drivers and Screwdrivers
-having the right screw and nut drivers will save your hand alot of trouble.

2. PC cleanup
- There are a great number of things you can use to clean your PC examples are: canned air, cotton swabs, micro fibre cloths and many more.

3.Strippers, pliers and cutters
-cutters are useful in removing excess nylon from zip ties and some tie-downs.

4.Thermal interface material
-It is used in replacing the interior thermal- interface materials.

5.PSU Tester and Mulensure
-A good power supply tester and a good multimeter help in solving wire related and tracking down electrical problems.

6.Light lamp
-light is very important when building a PC. Use any type of lighting as long as you can see.

7.Zip ties, straps and tie downs
-These will ensure that your wiring job is neat and tidy.

Memory for your custom gaming PC

You need to know that memory is and will be important for your custom PC gaming computer. In fact a custom PC of gaming computer with less than 8GB is nothing. With the high demand of online jobs and many important files to keep, no one needs a computer that has low memory.

What you will get from the latest custom build gaming computers?

Every one want to have the latest custom gaming computers but do they know what they offer? Dlsiren Knowledge is powerful and it will save you alot of trouble especially when it comes to investing. Having the latest custom build computers is not only fun but also has some benefits. They offer outstanding performance and portability and that is why they most popularly used by people around.

Advantages of custom PC Gaming computers

  1. They have higher performance ratio.
  2. Custom PC desktop computers and their parts are know to have a long life spam and meeting all your needs.

What to consider before buying or building your custom PC computer for gamers

There are many markets offering these custom computers but a few are offering the top notch components and the best features that are a must have in this computing generation. Before buying you need to consider the features that make them stand out. Features like performance, compatibility, reliability and their best value.

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