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Custom PC built on # 20161220075942

Selected Prdouct Details Check Online Price
Bexton Wired MetalBuy  725
Transcend JM1333KLH-4GBuy  1784
AMD A4 6320Buy  4059
Clublaptop SATA InternalBuy  1449
Zebronics Petal blueBuy  223
Zebronics G41 D3Buy  2825
HP 19KABuy  4999
Logitech K120 Buy  699
Seagate ST3500312CSBuy  2740
SilverStone SDP09 Buy  1269
Total Price  20772
Above rig is built by a recent user of and they found helpful for building a custom PC online. You can also start preparations for your dream PC.Below are the checklists to be followed to build your own custom Desktop PC online.