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Custom PC built on # 20170303084242

Selected Prdouct Details Check Online Price
Zebronics Micro DrumBuy  753
Transcend TS1GLK64V3HBuy  3097
Intel Core i7 5960XBuy  89999
LG WH16NS40 Buy  6860
Logitech M570 Buy  3590
Intel BOXD915GMHLBuy  22366
Samsung LSS22F380HY/XLBuy  7399
HP 42359 Buy  4239
WD WD40EFRXBuy  14000
Total Price  152303
Above rig is built by a recent user of and they found helpful for building a custom PC online. You can also start preparations for your dream PC.Below are the checklists to be followed to build your own custom Desktop PC online.